Tuesday, 30 November 2010

More than 3 Careers in Lifetime

British workers are likely to change careers "two or three" times over their working life, the Employers Forum on Age (EFA) has suggested.

By Jennifer Churchill, www.i-l-m.com

Rachel Krys, campaign director for the EFA, said that because people will have to work for longer, they will be more likely to try different career options.

"Employers are going to be faced with many more people in their 50s who are not looking to wind down but are actually looking to retrain and have a whole new career that might have to last them 20 years, because they are going to have to work for that long," she said.

Her comments follow a survey by LV= last week which shows that 2.7 million UK over 50s believe they will keep working beyond the state retirement age, while research from Kelly Services recently found that 64 per cent of people expect they will change careers at some point in their working life.